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Book a private cheese and wine tasting evening at our lovely Sarit location!

Book a tour of our newly evolved campus and enjoy an inspiring shamba lunch!

Book one of our creative workshops to learn new skills with other curious minds!


Join us for a connected food experience at our newly evolved Living Food Campus 


If you have been to visit us in Tigoni before, we've evolved!!


Our tours now include our sourdough bakery, stoneground mill (coming soon), alternate grains lab, dairy-free fermentation room, soil laboratory (coming soon) biodynamic regenerative garden, dairy production and cheese caves as well as our new Living Food Lab classroom, plant nursery and seed bank!


We've also opened a store on the campus where you can buy all of our product range as well as fresh farm eggs, plants, seeds, herbal teas and a selection of wines. 







Discover seasonal cheese families through our tasting board. To showcase the flavour profile of each cheese, you'll try jam, cracker and bread pairings that form part of our wider product range.



Enjoy a tour of our campus where you'll not only learn how the brown's food co family of products are made but also about the nutritional power of plants, our approach to circular research and development, and the importance of regenerative farming methods in both dairy and crops.

You'll get live demonstrations, peer through a microscope, explore a working farm-yard and be invited to forage for your own herbs. The campus is alive with educationary materials making it an ecclectic day of learning, questioning and observing!

Enjoy a delivious 3-course community lunch that changes with the seasons. Our innovative menu aims to showcase diverse ingredients that celebrate Kenya's culinary heritage and abundance.


Drinks include fermented natural non- alcoholic drinks and sparkling water.  A curated selection of wine and beer are also available for additional purchase.


Our campus is alive and we are open to share this aliveness with you! 


You'll be guided through a unique educationary experience that is bursting with ancient wisdom and modern innovation. You'll be invited to touch, to taste, to smell, to question, to wonder.


On our engaging tour you'll witness the bubbles of fermentation, the grinding of fresh flour, the moulds of aging cheese, the sprouting of nutrition and the richness of our soils.


In community, you'll taste a multitude of products being carefully crafted on our campus, from sparkling fermented drinks, to speciality cheeses, to sprouted grain crackers and heirloom bean salads, to regenerative meat and an array of fresh ice-cream. Together this seasonal lunch menu showcases our planetary plate eating philosophy within the abundant Kenyan context. 

After lunch you're invited to wander around our 30-year old shamba. Identifying plants, herbs, beetles and trees. Learning about biodynamic farming principles. Examining the plethora of life that lives in healthy soils. Foraging your own herbs. Pausing a while to take in nature's beauty.

You'll experience a truly circular, regenerative business and learn about the connection between humans, soil, animals and health.

After all, what's good for our soils is good for our guts too!


Adults 4000/- pp (without alcohol)

Kids 12+ are 2,000/- 

Kids 5-11 are 1,000/- 

Kids under 5 are free

Charges for private dining is 5000/- pp

For meetings, please contact us as pricing depends on your catering needs



We've designed the campus to be exploratory and educationary for kids. They can try milking a cow, hunt for the inconspicuous and make leaf impression art! Smelling. Touching. Playing. They can befriend our animals who love the attention (Foxtrot the donkey in particular) and have a go at feeding them.

Pricing includes cheeses, pizza, ice cream as well as 'adult' lunch if they'd like. 

Brown's Living Food Campus Tour

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