Crafting wholesome and delicious foods from Nature's bounty

Who we are

At brown's food co., we pride ourselves on crafting natural wholesome products. Our dairy range includes a wide range of artisan cheeses, organic milk, yoghurt & ice cream.

We are on a mission to make our products using local, natural ingredients and support our farmers as we grow. We believe people should be eating locally and wholesome foods that nourish the body, heals the earth and sustains our land for future generations.




Brown's Cheese

Our business started with a passion for good quality natural cheeses. We began 40 years ago and maintain this passion today. We now make 30 different types of cheese and have won several different awards including a silver in the World cheese Awards in 2018.


Brown's Organic

We believe by pushing the boundaries on what is expected we can change all dairy in Kenya. We worked hard to get a couple of our farms certified organic. This means our farmers are able to trace all the farm inputs and grow most feed themselves. Our milk tastes better because of it. We offer milk that is non homogenized and returnable glass bottles.



At Delia’s our goals are simple. We source the finest ingredients and craft them into impossibly delicious ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts. No additives, no artificial flavours, no colorings, and no shortcuts.


the cracker shack

The cracker shack grew from our longing for good crackers to eat with Brown's Cheese. We began making crackers for our family and friends, and as people heard about these they started asking us to sell them too. We use stone ground flours and organic herbs and vegetables from our own garden whenever possible. We make a range of crackers, baked snacks and cereal bars.


Grove and Meadow

We wanted some non-dairy products that were made in Kenya and from fresh ingredients. We grow some amazing nuts in Kenya that can be used to craft wholesome delicious dairy alternatives. Our range includes fresh dairy free milk and coconut based yoghurts.


Enjoy a delicious lunch at our shop in Village Market and Sarit Centre, made with our fresh products and local ingredients.

Village Market

Limuru Road

Nairobi, Kenya

Sarit Centre

Pio Gama Pinto Road

Nairobi, Kenya

Open daily from 8:30am to 7pm

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